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Our service monitors you credit card & bank statements for tax deductible expenses.  When we find one, we confirm via text message. That's it!

Our mission is to help every self-employed American to take maximal advantage of their tax benefits.

Our pricing reflects that -- Keeper takes a 5% cut of the tax savings we find for you.

How the partnership works

We seek to partner with authentic influencers who share our passion for getting the most out of the system. If that's you, then let's work together!

Co-branded landing page

We want your readers / viewers to feel special. That's why we go out of our way to design a co-branded landing page experience.

50% revenue share, for 12 mo

For any customers who sign up for via your unique landing page, you will receive 50% of their Keeper fees. On average, that's about $4 per month per user.

6 months subscription to Keeper, free

You should only recommend Keeper if you've tried it and love it yourself. That's why we encourage you to try the service yourself.

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