Effortless expense tracking for freelancers

Keeper Tax is the #1 expense tracking software for freelancers and other self-employed. We'll match you with a personal bookkeeper who'll monitor your purchases for tax write-offs that are easy to miss.

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Automatically links to your card or bank for a seamless experience

Keeper Tax automatically monitors your purchases for write-offs you would have missed. At tax time, file directly through us, or seamlessly export your savings.

After that, just reply to texts

If there are multiple potential write-offs, you'll get a text like this.

Over time, your Keeper learns your preferences.

Don't worry - many purchases get added automatically.


Get a month of Keeper for free and discover effortless taxes for yourself!

$24 / mo

After the free trial, your assigned bookkeeper will continue to monitor your card or bank accounts for tax write offs.

Discover the tax write-offs you've been missing.

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How does Keeper Tax see my purchases?
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