Welcome, Wag walkers!

As a dog walker with Wag, you're paid as an independent contractor. This means you'll get to claim a lot of additional tax write-offs, and will have some slightly different tax requirements. Below is a summary of everything you need to know to get the most out of tax season!

Don't miss these tax write-offs

Event Costs

If you pay directly for any event related costs, go ahead and claim the deduction!

Hardware and Software

Write-off any hardware and software resources you need to do your job!

Bike & Accessories

If you deliver by bike, write-off the repair and accessory expenses!

Hot Bags & Courier Bags

Deduct all temperature controlled bags, and courier backpacks that you use for work.

Merchandise & Uniform

Required to wear a delivery app's merchandise? Write-off the shirts and bags!

Commission & Fees

If you work for a delivery app service and they charge commission, write it off.

Classroom Decor

ESL companies require teachers to have a decorated classroom which is our home office.

Student Reward System

Rewards systems, which are created for our students, are very much tax write-offs.

Educational Props

Props you use to make class more exciting and easy to understand are deductible!

Clothing & Costumes

As long as it is not considered suitable for "streetwear" it can be written off!

Performance Make-Up & Hair

Write off beauty supplies or treatments if they were related to a performance.

Films & Streaming Accounts

That's right, Netflix is also a write-off! Films are considered research for your job.

Agent or Manager Fees

If an agent is helping you find gigs, deduct their fees from your next taxes.

Performance Tickets

Seeing a show or performance counts as research, study up and write it off.

Transaction Fees

If PayPal or another payment method charged a fee for buying your book, write it off!

Relevant Books

Write off any books that help you manage your business or that are relevant to your field!

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