Get the write-offs you deserve.

Keeper Tax automatically scans for tax write-offs among your 2019 purchases, and then helps you file.

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Freelancers: get every
tax write offs you deserve.

Keeper Tax is the #1 tax filing software for freelancers and 1099 contractors.

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Freelance designer
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No receipts? No problem.

We find tax write-offs in your bank statements

Keeper automatically scan your past year’s card and bank transactions for tax deductible expenses. We support over 10,000 financial institutions.


Find $800 - $2,350* in extra tax savings, effortlessly

We clean up and categorize all of your expenses so that’s easy to recognize and claim them.

*Savings estimate range based  on real customer averages.


Discounts because you're a member of

Simpler, faster, and more affordable than other tax filing software. Once you file through Keeper Tax, you’ll wish taxes were due more often.

1099 income

W2 income

Investment income

All 50 states

Audit protection

LLC income

300+ tax credits


Already have a preferred software or accountant? Use Keeper Tax to find tax write offs among your prevous year’s purchases, and then plug the savings into anywhere you’d like.

Every single tax write off, one simple document

Skip the receipt pile. Use Keeper Tax to automatically  scan your last year’s purchases for write offs. Everything will be neatly organized and categorized.

Export includes step-by-step instructions for how to plug your savings into TurboTax. If you have an accountant, beware -- they might just kiss you!

100% audit protection

Keeper employs tax professionals to review every retum. If your return is likely to flag an audit, we will contact you and resolve the concern.

Stop overpaying on taxes.

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