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Massage - Music Streaming

If you pay for a streaming service and play music for your clients, that's a write off!

Massage oils & lotions

Any oils, lotions, incense, or candles you've purchased for your work are tax write offs!

Massage studio space

If you rent a studio or a room at a spa, those costs are tax deductible!

Massage tables & chairs

Massage tables, chairs, towels and other equipment are all tax deductible expenses!

Massage Association fees

Association membership fees, such as for AMTA, are important tax deductible expenses!

Massage training & certification

Massage therapy school, certification, and renewal fees, are continued education expenses!

BnB - meals with guests

If you take your guest out for dinner, it's partially deductible!

TV Streaming

Fees from streaming services like Netflix are deductible if they're offered to guests.

Photographer- Studio Expenses

If you don't work from home, write off related studio expenses such as rent and bills.

Construction- Trade School Tuition

Your education is important for your job! Write off any tuition fees you had to pay.

Construction- Safety Gear

Deduct any gear you and your team need for safety on the work place like boots and helmets

Construction- Depreciation Large Tools

For larger tools, such as ladders,and heavy machinery, you can deduct the depreciation.

Construction- Supplies and Small Tools

Hammer, ruler, pencils; Anything you need to get the job done, write it off!

Generic- Print Ads

Write-off any expenses for promoting your business with print advertising.

Generic- Subscriptions

Deduct any subscriptions to magazines or news materials relevant to your business!

Event- Event Costs

If you pay directly for any event related costs, go ahead and claim the deduction!

Developer- Hardware and Software

Write-off any hardware and software resources you need to do your job!

Delivery- Bike & Accesories

If you deliver by bike, write-off the repair and accessory expenses!

Delivery- Courier Bags

Deduct all temperature controlled bags, and courier backpacks that you use for work.

Delivery- Merchandise

Required to wear a delivery app's merchandise? Write-off the shirts and bags!

Delivery - Commission

If you work for a delivery app service and they charge commission, write it off.

ESL Teacher- Classroom Decor

ESL companies require teachers to have a decorated classroom which is our home office.

ESL Teacher- Rewards

Rewards systems, which are created for our students, are very much tax write-offs.

ESL Teachers- Props

Props you use to make class more exciting and easy to understand are deductible!

Actor- Clothes

As long as it is not considered suitable for "streetwear" it can be written off!

Actor- Make-up and Hair

Write off beauty supplies or treatments if they were related to a performance.

Actor- Films & Streaming

That's right, Netflix is also a write-off! Films are considered research for your job.

Actor- Agent or Manager Fees

If an agent is helping you find gigs, deduct their fees from your next taxes.

Actor- Performances

Seeing a show or performance counts as research, study up and write it off.

Writer-Transaction Fees

If PayPal or another payment method charged a fee for buying your book, write it off!

Generic- Relevant books

Write off any books that help you manage your business or that are relevant to your field!

Writer- Dues and Subscriptions

Pay to be a member of any writers organizations? Write off that annual fee.

Writers- Writing Softward

Word and other editing software are 100% necessary for your job, write it off!

generic-Union Dues

Your regular dues to participate in a union in your field can be written off.

Models-Coaching Fees

Any expense from a modeling coach or other relevant training can be written off.

Models- Beauty Supplies

Make up, hair treatments, or beauty supplies used for work are partially deductible!

Model-Agency Commissions

Deduct any commision that the agency hiring you takes from every shoot or show.

Model- Self Promo Material

Audition tapes, portfolios, business cards. Write off anything used to promote yourself.

Vlogger-Cooking Supplies

Focused on food or cooking? Write off all the supplies needed to produce your video.

Vlogger- Fitness Vlog

If you are a fitness vlog, write off all those mats, weights, and other equipment used!

Videography Equipment

Videocameras, mics, tripods, lenses, anything used to create content, you can write off.

Design - Contractor Costs

If you need to hire an editor, designer, or set assistance to help you, write it off!

Creative or Editing Software

Write off any software you use for video and photo editing or content creation.

Social Media Influencer - Giveaways

If you want to reward your followers with a prize or giveaway, go ahead and write it off!

Social Media Influencer - Merchandise

Anything you order to show off your personal brand: Tshirts, stickers, mugs, etc.

Social Media Influencer - App fees

Live webcasting apps or creative apps that help you look flawless and reach your audience.

Social Media - Clothes and Beauty

Any clothing or beauty products used to review or just look your best for content.

Generic - Data Storage

Storage to handle heavy digital files (business related) such as Dropbox or a hard drive.

BnB- Cleaning Service

Cleaning up doesn't sound so bad after you know you can deduct it from your taxes!

Mortgage Interest

When your income comes from renting part of your house, write off the mortgage interest!

BnB- Service Fee

The percentage AirBNB takes for every guest? Don't worry you'll get it back in write offs!

BnB- Amenities

Treating your guests pays off! Write off that bottle of wine or house breakfast.

BnB - Maintenance

Write off anything related to keeping your rental space safe and cozy!

BnB- Essentials

Grabbing fresh sheets, towels, or even just toilet paper for your guests can be deducted!

Credit Card Interest

If you use a credit card to purchase business goods, you can write off the interest!

Public transport

Public transportation expenses to / from your dog walking clients are deductible!

Generic - Bike

If you bike to get to and from your dog walking clients, it and repairs are deductible.

Dog walker - Leashes, Harnesses

If you've had to buy extra leashes or harnesses, those purchases are tax deductible!

Dog walkers - Tennis balls

Tennis balls, and other toys you buy for the dogs you walk are tax deductible!

Dog walker - treats

If you buy extra treats for the dogs you walk, you can write that off on your taxes!

Dog walker - rain gear

Dogs need to be walked rain or shine! Rain gear bought for the job is deductible.

Dog walker - walking shoes

Dog walking requires... a lot of walking! If bought walking shoes, it's deductible!

Dog Walker - Doodoo bags

Poop bags, as well as the little dispensers, are tax deductible work expenses!

Journalist - Research materials

If you write about ancient Greece and buy an urn, it's deductible! (and weird)

Phone bill

Your monthly phone bills are expensive! Good thing the cost is partially deductible.

Journalist - Contractors

If you're lucky enough to be able to afford designers or researchers, it's deductible!

Online Seller - Shipping

Postage, dropshipping fees, and packaging materials are all tax deductible!

Photography equipment

Cameras, video camera, lenses, lighting, tripods, used for work are all tax deductible!

Online seller - Merchant Processing Fees

The 2.75% (give or take) fee that you pay your payment processors ads up. It's deductible!

Generic - Industry Education

Online courses, summits, membership site subscriptions, workshops, etc are tax deductible!

Online Seller - Inventory

Any inventory costs from product that have been sold are tax deductible!

Generic - Labor costs

If you employ people that help your business, that's tax deductible!

Online Seller Materials

Sell hand-embroidered t-shirts? The cloth, labels and sewing machine are deductible!

Online Seller - Commissions

Online seller platforms take an arm and a leg on every sale. You can deduct those costs!

Online Ads

Every dollar you spend on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc. is a tax deductible expense!

Generic - Email marketing software

Costs for email services like Mailchimp are a tax deductible marketing expense.

Online Sales - seller platform ads

Sponsored search placements on Amazon, Etsy, etc are deductible advertising expenses!

Juicers - Garage

If you charge your scooters in the garage, then you can claim home office tax deduction!

Juicers - Gloves, wipes

Equipment that helps you do pickups and handle the scooters is tax deductible.

Juicers - electricity for charging

If you charge at home, part of your monthly electricity bill is tax deductible.

Juicers - chargers

If you've bought extra chargers to juice in parallel, those are tax deductible!

Phone & accessories

If you use your phone for work (who doesn't?) then it's partially deductible.

Car depreciation

If you drive you own vehicle, you can write off the annual depreciation of it's value!

Rideshare - car payments

If you're still paying down your car, you can claim those expenses against your work!

Rideshare - Floor mats

Floor mats keep the car clean & passengers happy (and prevent weekly car cleanings!)

Rideshare - Passenger goodies

Water bottles, gum & other goodies help help a great experience to your passengers.

Spotify / Serius XM

Good tunes in your car is part of delivering a great experience to your passengers!

Rideshare - Car wash

To deliver a great experience to your passengers, you need to keep a clean car!

Sales - Productivity Software

Lead generation software, like CRM or marketing automation software, is tax deductible.

Real Estate - Business & E&O Insurance

General business, as well as Errors and Omissions (E&O), insurance are tax deductible!

Real estate - Fees & Licenses

Your state license renewal, MLS dues, and professional memberships, are deductible.

Generic - Office supplies

Office-related purchases like stationery, photocopies, and monitors are tax deductible.

Real Estate - Property Advertising Expenses

Online and newspaper ads, photography, staging, and signage are all tax deductible.

Real estate - Education and Training

Registration fees and materials for courses like BOLD or GREL are tax deductible.

Real estate agent - desk fees

If you're with a national franchise or an independent broker, desk fees are deductible.

Real Estate - commissions paid

Commissions you pay to other agents or employees are fully deductible business expenses.

Generic - Legal fees

If you've had to set up an LLC or have other legal fees for work, that's tax deductible.

Generic - Business cards

Business cards & brochures are a marketing costs that can fully written off on taxes.

Generic - Conferences & classes

Conferences and classes that help you keep up with the industry are tax deductible.

Generic - Meals

If you discuss work with a coworker, client, or even a friend, it's a write off!

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