Email software

tax deductible?

Costs for email services like Mailchimp are a tax deductible marketing expense.

But why?

Email outreach and marketing is a staple when you're trying to grow an audience for your service. It's both ordinary and necessary to do your job. Therefore, the IRS considers email software expenses to be tax deductible expenses and claiming them will save you money on taxes!

Does it trade with the standard deductions?


Examples of types of jobs who can claim this write off

Let's do some examples:

You're an online seller and you use Capterra to send confirmation emails when your customers complete a purchase.

You're a blogger who uses Mailchimp to organize your mailing list and let your audience know when new articles are published.

You're a consultant and you use Freshworks to build your sales pipeline and stay on top of email reminders.

Note: at Keeper, we care about helping you save on taxes. That leads us to generalize tax advice which ultimately cannot be completely generalized. Everyone's situation is different. Please drop a note above or reach out via email if you have questions.