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I was paid through Zelle and only part of it was for a job. What tax form do I use
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If you received payment through Zelle for a job you performed as a freelancer or independent contractor, you'll need to report this income on your tax return. Since you're not an employee, the payer typically won't send you a Form 1099-NEC or any other tax form. To report your income, you'll use Schedule C (Form 1040), Profit or Loss from Business, if you're a sole proprietor, a one-person LLC (without electing corporate status), or a general partner in a partnership. You'll report the income on Line 1 (Gross receipts or sales). For the portion of the payment through Zelle that was not related to the job, you'll need to determine if it's considered taxable income. If it's a gift from a friend or family member, you generally don't need to report it on your taxes. If it's another type of income, like rental income, you'll need to report it properly on your tax return, which might involve a different type of tax form or schedule. Be sure to keep detailed records of your income sources to make it easier to distinguish between job-related and non-job-related payments when filing your taxes.
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