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Keeper Tax helps independent contractors and freelancers discover tax deductions and file taxes. Join over 250,000 Americans saving an extra $1,249 / year (on average).

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How Keeper Tax works

Link a financial account to find tax savings, automatically

Keeper Tax links to your bank or credit card to automatically scan 18 months of past purchases for tax write-offs you might have missed.

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At tax time, file directly through Keeper Tax

Claim your write-offs by filing directly through Keeper Tax at tax time. Over 300 types of income, credits, and deductions are supported. Keeper Tax is an approved e-filer with the IRS and all 50 states.

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Access a tax pro, when you need it

Every Keeper Tax subscriber gets access to a professional tax pro. Whether it's a quick deduction categorization question, or something bigger, your 'Keeper' is there to help!

text messages Keeper tax on saving money
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Try Keeper Tax for free and discover effortless tax savings for yourself!

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Continue finding tax write-offs, and file for free with the membership. Keeper Tax pays for itself - just ask our customers!

Rated 4.8 stars, by over 4,000 people

Chris - Wedding Photographer

Before using Keeper Tax, it wasn’t uncommon for Chris to drown in paperwork. One year it got so bad that he owed $6,000 dollars in taxes. By using the app, he was able to save $3,979 this year already. The biggest benefit Chris found is the surprising amount of business expenses he can write off. Anything from camera gear off Amazon to gas and supplies.

Sylvia - Life & Fitness Coach

When the tax season came around, Sylvia was often scared and overwhelmed, like many Freelancers. This changed when she started to use Keeper Tax. Now Sylvia looks forward to the tax season because she is on top of her finances and can see where her returns are going and what’s coming in. Now she just focuses on getting more personal training clients.

Liz - IT specialist

When Liz decided to become her own boss, she was overwhelmed by her taxes. The amount of paperwork was no joke, taxes had to be paid quarterly and it got really stressful. So when her friend told her about Keeper Tax, and all the expenses can be handled in one single place, Liz was sold. With the app, Liz has already saved $23,840 on home, travel, and meal expenses.

Rusty - Producer & Songwriter

Being a creative guy, taxes are the last thing Rusty wants to deal with. His first tax season was nerve-wreck and he ended up leaving thousands on the table. With Keeper Tax, Rusty saved over $41,000 last year. Every time he spends money, a message comes up on the phone asking if this was a write-off, and does the rest for him. It’s that simple!

Blake - Hair Stylist

Blake was blown away with how much he owed in taxes every year. It was very stressful to keep a record and organize all of his receipts. Now, with Keeper Tax, Blake doesn't have to actively think about storing and arranging his receipts. The app does everything for him. He wrote off meals, travel, and rent which saved him $5,052 this year.

Jenny - Artist & Jeweler

"When you say taxes my chest hurts" said Jenny, a jewelry business owner. Jenny had a drawer of doom aka a space to store all of her receipts. When she went through it, she usually would give up halfway. With Keeper Tax, she no longer has to do anything. She just sends a text back to her personal virtual bookkeeper and she recoreds deductions. She saved over $2,056 in 2020