Reward worker loyalty with premium tax filing

1099 contractor tax bills are the #2 reason for gig worker churn. Reward your most loyal gig workers with a perk that hits where it counts - their wallets.

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The first tax filing app designed for gig work

Unlike traditional tax software, Keeper Tax is designed from the ground up to serve the needs of gig workers specifically.


Automatic write-off detection

Keeper Tax links to your bank or credit card to automatically scan 18 months of past purchases for tax write-offs you might have missed.

Meaningful loyalty-based partnership discounts

Keeper Tax supports over 300 types of credits and deductions, including things that traditional tax software doesn’t.


Partnership support, reporting, and analytics

W2, 1099, Investments, you name it. Simply upload your tax forms and Keeper Tax will take care of the rest.

“What appealed to us about Keeper Tax is that it’s a product specifically catered to gig workers… it finds them tax savings that traditional software doesn’t.
Tanvi Surti
Kenny Liao
“Wonoloers love having access to Keeper Tax, and the team is able to answer tax questions our support team cannot.”
Kenny Liao

Give your gig workers the gift of a big tax refund

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