19 tax write offs for AirBnB hosts 🛏️

Opening up your home or using your extra apartments for AirBNB is a great way to get to know travelers and support your income with already available assets. AirBNB has become the go-to for tourists when visiting a new city, but trying to give your guests the warmest welcome to your town can sometimes dip a little too much into your wallet. Don't worry we're here to help you see how you can save that extra dime when tax season comes around.

Maintenance or Redesign

Write off anything related to keeping your rental space safe and cozy!

Guest Amenities & Treats

Treating your guests pays off! Write off that bottle of wine or house breakfast.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning up doesn't sound so bad after you know you can deduct it from your taxes!

Hosting Essentials

Grabbing fresh sheets, towels, or even just toilet paper for your guests can be deducted!

Platform Service Fees

The percentage AirBNB takes for every guest? Don't worry you'll get it back in write offs!

TV Streaming Services

Fees from streaming services like Netflix are deductible if they're offered to guests.

Phone & accessories

If you use your phone for work (who doesn't?) then it's partially deductible.

Phone bill

Your monthly phone bills are expensive! Good thing the cost is partially deductible.

Meals with guests

If you take your guest out for dinner, it's partially deductible!

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If you drive for work ...
If you have to drive between the rental properties, for maintenance or to help check-in clients, this still counts as work, and you'll be able to write off on the mileage between properties.
Note: It's also possible to report the miles you drive for work instead of actual car expenses, but unless you drive a lot for work, you'll save more time & money with tracking car expenses. Learn more

Gas is expensive! A portion of your gas station fill ups are tax-deductible.

Car maintenance

Oil changes, repairs, and regular checkups are all tax-deductible if you drive for work.

Insurance & registration

Car insurance, roadside assistance, registration costs, etc. are all tax-deductible.


Parking for a meeting downtown or other work trip is tax-deductible!


A toll while driving to or from a work destination is tax-deductible!

Vehicle depreciation

If you drive your own vehicle, you can write off the annual depreciation of its value!

If you work from home ...
If you're renting out a room in your own home, you'll be able to claim the home office deduction!
Note: you don't need to work from a separate room to claim these write offs. A dedicated desk is sufficient. Learn more
Home office furniture

A desk, chairs, lamps, and other home office necessities are all tax write offs.

Wi-Fi bill

Your Wi-Fi bill is a tax write off. You need internet to do your job!

Property insurance

Whether rental or homeowner insurance, you can write off a portion as part of home office.

Power bill

Gotta keep the lights on in your home office! A portion of your electricity bill counts.

Water bill

It'd be hard to work in an office without running water, huh? You water bill counts.

Part of your rent

Whether you pay rent or own your home, a portion of those expenses are tax deductible.

If you discuss work at a restaurant ...
The IRS considers any restaurant expense tax deductible as long as the conversation is work-related. This includes discussing industry trends, and even a chat that could turn into a referral. Learn more
Meals for work

If you discuss work with a coworker, client, or even a friend, it's a write-off!

If you leave town for work ...
If you travel to attend an Airbnb or rental agency conference in another city, or to a property further that 100 miles from home, that's considered business travel and you can claim the following expenses.
The IRS considers any restaurant expense tax deductible as long as the conversation is work-related. This includes discussing industry trends, and even a chat that could turn into a referral. Learn more

Planes, trains, and car rentals are all work-related travel costs that can be written off.


When you travel for work, lodging expenses like hotel rooms and Airbnbs are write-offs.

Meals while traveling

When you're traveling for work, all meals are tax-deductible. Even takeout!