Hey, Vloggers! Don't miss all these quick write-offs! 🎥

There's a lot that goes into making the best Vlogging content, apart from the hours' of creative work it is good to have good equipment and editing software. Then, of course, there are the purchases of materials to use in your vlog. All these materials may get expensive but luckily if you are making more than 600$ a year with your videos, you can write off nearly all these expenses! Keepertax is here to help you keep track of all these write-offs no matter the theme of your vlog.

Fitness Equipment

If you are a fitness vlog, write off all those mats, weights, and other equipment used!

Food & Cooking Supplies

Focused on food or cooking? Write off all the supplies needed to produce your video.

Video Equipment

Videocameras, mics, tripods, lenses, anything used to create content, you can write off.

Creative and Editing Software

Write off any software you use for video and photo editing or content creation.

Prizes for Giveaways

If you want to reward your followers with a prize or giveaway, go ahead and write it off!

Creative Assistance Costs

If you need to hire an editor, designer, or set assistance to help you, write it off!

Personalized Merchandise

Anything you order to show off your personal brand: Tshirts, stickers, mugs, etc.

Clothing and Beauty Products

Any clothing or beauty products used to review or just look your best for content.

Wifi bill

Your comcast bill is a tax write off. You need internet to do your job!

App Fees

Live webcasting apps or creative apps that help you look flawless and reach your audience.

Website expenses

Website hosting fees, plugins, stock photos, and themes are tax deductible!

Phone & accessories

If you use your phone for work (who doesn't?) then it's partially deductible.

Online Advertising

Every dollar you spend on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc. is a tax deductible expense!

Conferences & classes

Conferences and classes that help you keep up with the industry are tax deductible.


A new computer, cell phone, keyboard, printer, monitor, mouse, it all counts!

Office supplies

Office-related purchases like stationery, photocopies, and monitors are tax deductible.

Data Storage

Storage to handle heavy digital files (business related) such as Dropbox or a hard drive.

Part of your rent

Whether you pay rent or own your home, a portion of those expenses are tax deductible.

Credit Card Interest

If you use a credit card to purchase business goods, you can write off the interest!

Mortgage Interest

When your income comes from renting part of your house, write off the mortgage interest!

Phone bill

Your monthly phone bills are expensive! Good thing the cost is partially deductible.

Put your freelancer taxes on autopilot

Keeper automatically monitors your purchases for tax write offs, and makes quarterly tax payments.

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If you drive for work ...
If your vlog requires filiming in a location away from your home, such as exploring your local city, or reviewing nearby restaurants, gyms, or hotels, you can go ahead and deduct the expenses of your car! You can even deduct for the time driving to pick up equipment, or other supplies.

🤓 Pro Tip:It's also possible to report the miles you drive for work instead of actual car expenses, but unless you drive a lot for work, you'll save more time & money with tracking car expenses. Learn more


Gas is expensive! A portion of your gas station fill ups are tax deductible.

Car maintenance

Oil changes, repairs, and regular checkups are all tax deductible if you drive for work.

Insurance & registration

Car insurance, roadside assistance, registration costs, etc. are all tax deductible.


Parking for a meeting downtown or other work trip is tax deductible!


A toll while driving to or from a work destination is tax deductible!

Vehicle depreciation

If you drive you own vehicle, you can write off the annual depreciation of it's value!

If you work from home ...

🤓 Pro Tip: You don't need to work from a separate room to claim these write offs. A dedicated desk is sufficient. Learn more

Home office furniture

A desk, chairs, lamps, and other home office necessities are all tax write offs.

Wifi bill

Your comcast bill is a tax write off. You need internet to do your job!

Property insurance

Whether rental or homeowner insurance, you can write off a portion as part of home office.

Power bill

Gotta keep the lights on in your home office! A portion of your electricity bill counts.

Water bill

It'd be hard to work in an office without running water, huh? You water bill counts.

Part of your rent

Whether you pay rent or own your home, a portion of those expenses are tax deductible.

If you leave town for work ...
If your vlog is taking you to further locations, if you are focused on travel or just do a series in a new city, you can also write off some of these travel expenses!

Planes, trains and automobiles are all work travel costs that can be written off.


When you travel for work, lodging expenses such as hotel rooms or Airbnb are write offs.

Meals while traveling

When you're traveling for work, all meals are tax deductible. Even takeout.

Note: at Keeper, we care about saving you money on taxes. That leads us to generalize tax advice that isn't always so simple. Everyone's situation is different. Please drop a note below or reach out via email if you have questions.