How to export Capital One bank statements as a spreadsheet (.csv)

If you have a Capital One account, you can still have your statements scanned for write-offs, but you’ll need to use our spreadsheet import feature.

How To Download Transactions From Capital One

This requires downloading your bank statements from in a particular format (.csv). Below are instructions for how to do this for Capital One accounts.

Step 1: Log into Capital One on a laptop or desktop

You’ll need to go to and log into your account. Unfortunately, neither the app or the mobile website for Capital One allow you to export your statements - it has to be from a computer.

Step 2: Click on “View Account”

You’ll need to do this for every account (ex: checking, credit card) you’d like to scan for tax write-offs. 

Step 3: Click on “Download Transactions” and choose these settings

Only .csv files are supported by our import feature, and you’ll want to make sure to include the entire date range of transactions you’re looking for. 

Then, select the appropriate download settings:

Don’t forget to include the whole date range of transactions you would  like us to scan!

Click done, and the file will be downloaded to your computer. 

Step 4: Upload the file to Keeper Tax!

Once you have the file, use the Keeper Tax Capital One bank import feature to scan these purchases - we’ll automatically categorize and remove certain transactions for you.

Paul Koullick

Paul Koullick


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