Postmates Tips and Tricks That You Need To Know To Become A Pro

There are a ton of on-demand delivery services and delivery apps out there like Doordash, Instacart, Uber Eats, or Grubhub but being a delivery person is still very competitive. As with anything in life, not everyone who joins the gig economy as a Postmates driver will be successful at it. With a delivery service like Postmates, your ability to make money can vary wildly from one person to the next given the variety of factors involved. With Postmates, you earn by delivering just about anything, at anytime, anywhere. What you earn depends on what, when, where, and how you deliver.

Don’t get me wrong – the Postmates app has a level playing field, but experience and expertise matter a lot. After all, there are a ton of other gig workers competing for those delivery orders. There are some simple yet highly effective Postmates tips and tricks that can get you ahead in the game. Instead of making a minimum wage base pay,  with these tips, you'll find yourself racking up good hourly pay consistently.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at tips and tricks that can help you dominate Postmates. We’ll show you how to make the right deliveries at the right time at the right price.

Postmate Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Hit The Ground Running

If you’ve been struggling to earn a decent income as a Postmates 1099 worker, here are some tips that’ll help you raise your earnings quickly:

Claim your Sign Up Bonus

Postmates signup bonuses vary based on location, signup method, and delivery milestones. Depending on how well these factors are combined, your signup bonuses can be worth up to $1000.

You can earn an extra cash payout of up to 20% of your monthly earnings if you hit a certain delivery milestone – surpassing that milestone disqualifies you.

You can also qualify for another signup bonus if you’re referred by an existing Postmates delivery driver. To qualify, simply insert an official driver referral code in your application form. The referral bonus will then be added to your other sign up bonuses once you’ve completed a specific number of deliveries within 30 days – which is part of the approval process. You’ll receive the bonuses automatically in your Postmates Driver account once you’ve qualified for it.

Hang Around The Drivers Community

Postmates drivers come together in online groups to share their experiences and winning strategies. You can learn a lot of Postmates tips and tricks by simply hanging around these groups. And since their experiences are relatable, you’ll find it quite easy to understand and implement the group members’ tips. You’ll get to learn how to improve your chances of earning tips, types of orders to avoid, and lots more.

You can find many of these groups on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms.

Learn to Communicate with Customers

You need to position yourself as the first point of contact for all your customers. It’s usually bad for your reputation when Postmates customer support intervenes in your relationship with customers. If a customer’s problem is beyond your ken, you should be the one taking it up with Postmates’ customer support on the customers’ behalf, rather than allowing the customer to approach support directly.

You need to communicate proactively with your customers to ensure that all their questions are answered promptly. Always let them know ahead of time whenever there might be delays or changes to the order delivery. By communicating regularly with them, you’ll be better placed to satisfy their needs and elicit good tips.

Go above and beyond to make them feel special and tell them how you’ve gone out of your way to make them smile. Be careful not to rub it on too thickly; keep the conversations short and sweet.

Familiarize Yourself With The Routes

Your GPS should be used as a secondary navigation tool. As reliable as GPS can be, it still misses out on a lot of important information that can cause delays and mistakes on your journey. When you familiarize yourself with your area, you can learn a whole lot that can make your journeys smoother and more enjoyable.

If you know your area by heart, you’ll be able to determine the shortest routes and short cuts to your delivery locations. You’ll be able to avoid busy routes during rush hours. You’ll also be able to determine the best places to buy customers’ items in terms of availability of products or services, pricing, and proximity to your delivery location. Take note of the hot spots so you easily navigate to and from there.

Stick to Delivering Close to Your Location

Delivering within close proximity to your home can help you gain firm footing and establish a routine much faster as a beginner. You can consider long-distance deliveries when you’ve become better at identifying good offers. However, at all times, it’s advisable to avoid orders with pickup locations and drop off locations that are too distant from your area.

You can set up the “Auto-Accept” feature (more on that below) on your app to automatically secure orders issued within your locality.

Woo Customers With Fast Deliveries

While it’s important to go above and beyond to accommodate your customers’ needs, it’s also important to remain professional at all times. You may be lucky to find a handful of customers that are lenient with delays, especially because what they’ve ordered won’t be put to immediate use. But to most customers, the delay is a disservice that can possibly outweigh any extra efforts you may have made.

However, quick deliveries can impress your customers to the point where they overlook your shortcomings. If need be, go out of your way –literally and figuratively – to ensure quick deliveries. If a restaurant doesn’t serve the food on time, you can take longer routes to avoid traffic or hire a cab if you were supposed to walk to make up for the lost time.

Keep your Running Costs to the Minimum

You can be easily carried away by the excitement when the orders come pouring in, but make sure you don’t lose sight of your running expenses. After gaining traction as a new user, you might want to take a closer look at how to minimize your operational costs.

Familiarizing with your area can be a huge boon at this point, as it’ll save you from costly navigation mistakes and time wasted on slower routes. Walk or use a bike if your delivery location is within walking distance.

Rather than driving around mindlessly while waiting for new orders, park somewhere and listen to some podcasts or go for a stroll.

Advanced Postmates Tips to Crush it Like a Pro

After you’ve made progress with the beginner tips above, try out these advanced tips to up your game and increase your daily earnings on Postmates.

Earn More with Tips

Most Postmates customers love to tip excellent deliveries. The app sure does remind customers to tip a good driver if they’re really impressed with the delivery. While confirming their deliveries, customers are asked to leave optional reviews and tips.

If you can communicate effectively and deliver the right packages on time, you’ll most likely receive a tip. Many drivers have reported getting tipped simply because they helped customers fill out their confirmation forms. Postmates keep 20% of this delivery fee and drivers get the rest as well as can keep 100% of the tip amount they earn.

As earlier said, you can find many of these tricks and hacks on Postmates Drivers groups.

Exploit Postmate Perks

Besides your sign up bonus, you can also enjoy many other perks as a Postmates driver. If you can hit specific delivery milestones regularly, you’ll easily rake in hundreds of dollars in driver bonuses.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the juiciest bonuses:

·        Perkspot:  Drivers that surpass the weekly goal of ten deliveries qualify for special discounts and exclusive offers from third-party companies.

·        Rush hour deliveries: Deliveries made between 5:30 – 8:30 p.m qualify for $5 extra pay

·        For sum of deliveries:  To qualify for this $20 bonus, simply deliver nine orders between 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Simple guaranteed earnings: Gives drivers who fulfill 50 orders within 5 days a whooping $500 bonus

Tiered guaranteed earning: Available only on Fridays, this is a bonus of $80 for fulfilling seven orders during dinner hours (5:00-9.00 p.m).

By following the beginner tips above, you can secure a steady stream of gigs to you reach the delivery milestones for these bonuses easily and consistently.

Capitalize on Auto Accept

Postmates doesn’t mind drivers hoarding orders, so long as they can complete all their orders on time. You can take advantage of this to make every moment count while you’re on the clock. The app’s Auto Accept feature allows you to do just that, stacking up your orders on the fly so you can roll over to new orders without scrolling through your phone to find one. You can also select the type of orders you want so the feature secures only those you’d like to take up.

To activate auto-accept, simply open the account preference options in your Postmates Fleets app and then toggle on the “Automatic Accept” feature. To check up on new orders, tap on the “New Offer” button on the app’s homepage. You’ll also find a button here where you can easily turn the feature on or off.

Juggle Multiple Orders

A common Postmates, Grubhub or Doordash tip to maximize your efficiency with the auto-accept feature activated, try fulfilling multiple orders at a go. Doing this will help you squeeze out more dollars per hour because you’ll be filling your idle time with more productive work.

It might require some more meticulous planning to make multiple timely stops along the same delivery route and to attend to other tasks while waiting for a customer’s package to be prepared. But it’ll pay off in spades at the end of the day.

Besides auto-accept, you can also take advantage of the multiple order feature of Postmates Fleet app to earn more per hour. When starting your shift, you can choose to accept multiple orders. You’ll then be notified of multiple orders you can fulfill on one delivery route.

By making multiple deliveries per time, it’ll much easier to reach incentive milestones.

Capitalize on Blitz Hours

Most customers prefer placing orders during certain hours of the day, and Postmates charges extra for certain deliveries during this period to curtail excessive traffic. For instance, lunch and dinner times are blitz hours for food orders. You can rack up your daily earnings significantly if you work during these peak hours – just make sure to choose orders that attract blitz pricing.


All these tips can be captured in three words: speed, smarts, and consistency. To crush it with Postmates, you need to learn how to choose and fulfill the right orders quickly, smartly, and consistently.

First, learn to satisfy your customers with effective communication, quick turnarounds, and excellent deliveries to build your ratings as a reliable Postmaster independent contractor driver. Then learn how to leverage the system to earn more per hour. Claim your sign up bonus, and aim for milestones that qualify you for various incentives.

As you become more familiar with your work routines, try raising your efficiency with features like auto accept and multiple orders. Plan on completing uninterrupted chains of orders per shift and multiple orders at a go. Lastly, don't forget to handle your 1099 taxes!

Jessica Wallace

Jessica Wallace


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Discover the tax write-offs you've been missing

Keeper Tax automatically finds tax deductions among your purchases. On average, people discover write-offs worth $1,249 in 90 seconds.

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Discover the tax write-offs you've been missing

Keeper Tax automatically finds tax deductions among your purchases. On average, people discover write-offs worth $1,249 in 90 seconds.

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