A Guide to Gig Economy Apps (Or App Jobs Like Uber)

Have you recently come across the term Gig economy and wonder what it is? Or, maybe you are looking to earn extra cash on the side and wondering how to turn this goal into a reality.

If your answer to either of the above questions is in affirmation, then you are in the right place. This post will give you extensive knowledge about what being a part of this growing sector is and how you can make money using one of many apps or jobs like Uber.

Moreover, this post will also give you an insider review of 13 of the best gig economy apps available in 2021. So let us dive right in and find out what the fuss is all about.

What is a Gig Economy?

For most people, the gig economy resonates with entities like Upwork, Fiverr, Uber, etc. However, the scope of this terminology and/or sector is far broader than that. The gig economy refers to a free marketplace where you can earn income via working on short-term and on-demand assignments, jobs, and projects.

According to Statista, 85.6 million individuals in the US alone will be working as freelancers by the end of 2027. This also means that 50.9 percent of the American workforce will comprise of freelancers by that time.

Who Are Gig Workers?

As a gig worker, you will be a self-employed individual working with various clients and companies.

There are different types of gig workers hailing for almost every sector or industry. Where some of these jobs are newfound due to the evolution of technology, others have been around for quite some time now.

1. Freelancers – performing services for several clients

2. Independent Contractors – working as a traditional employee but are actually self-employed

3. Consultants – subject matter experts offering guidance to clients

4. Temps – temporary freelancers, independent contractors

5. Seasonal Workforce – people are offering temporary services in specific seasons or circumstances as freelancers or independent contractors.

Pros of Being A Gig Worker

Here are four of the best benefits of working as a gig worker.

Easy to Enter

You do not need a degree to enter this line of work. There is a very low barrier when it comes to the prerequisites to work as a gig worker. There are minimal requirements like a clean driving record as well. These jobs are simple and mostly do not require prior experience for the requested jobs or tasks for extra money as a side hustle.


You can find different kinds of jobs in different sectors. This helps prevent monotony and keeps this fresh for you. If you hate a mundane job, being a gig worker offers ‘every day is a new day’ oomph to your professional life.


You can choose who you work with and on your own schedule. You will have a variety of opportunities to choose from. You become your own boss, work a flexible schedule and the best part is that you can even work from home or a remote location from anywhere in the world.

Try Something New

If you have a talent and thinking about switching careers, being a gig worker can help you give it a try without jeopardizing your current income stream. You can try different jobs in different sectors as a side gig or part-time without having to leave your full-time job.

13 Best Jobs Like Uber for 2021

Here is a review of thirteen of the best jobs like Uber or gig apps that you can try in 2021.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a proprietary app by Amazon. As an Amazon Flex 1099 driver, you pick Amazon’s orders from their designated depots in your locality and deliver them to customers’ addresses. Amazon pays you on per order basis; however, you only get the payment for successful deliveries.

That said, you can make multiple delivery attempts even if you exceed your allocated shift with Amazon Flex. All you need to do is contact Amazon Flex’s support team and inform them about the reattempt to deliver.


Caviar was the pioneer delivery app that appeared in 2015. This app gained popularity as Caviar couriers received high pay per order.

However, the demand for the service was not as high as you would want it to be. The reason behind low demand was that the Caviar mainly worked with expensive food outlets and restaurants. This app caters to a very specific clientele; hence it was not viable for many areas with no expensive or luxurious restaurants.

Caviar can charge a higher fee from their customers because it guarantees an excellent delivery service with the shortest delivery waiting time. If you live in an area with high-end restaurants and a chain of food outlets, Caviar may help you earn decent wages as the primary job or a side gig.

Task Rabbit

TaskRabbit caters to the workers are known as “Taskers” and perform various jobs and tasks. Basically, TaskRabbit is a platform where people can post jobs for various tasks, and TaskRabbit sends freelancing people to carry out these jobs.

IKEA recently purchased TaskRabbit because the Taskers were in high demand for putting IKEA’s furniture together. You can use TaskRabbit for various job opportunities such as assembling furniture, moving boxes, running errands, grocery shopping for the elders, cooking for people, hanging pictures, etc.

The best part is that as a Tasker or 1099 TaskRabbit worker is you can set your own prices. If you wish to make above-average extra cash with a side gig, you must check out TaskRabbit. Your chances of securing more jobs get higher as you work with clients and build a good reputation with them and on the platform.


If you wish to deliver food in your area to make money on the side, DoorDash is one of the best and most famous food delivery apps in the United States. All you need is a car, phone and a valid driver's license. The base pay per order will vary with each order; however, you will get a decent amount with bonuses and tips.

As a DoorDash 1099 delivery driver, you will know the amount you will be making before accepting each order. This way, you can accept the orders that can really make you money.

The best part about DoorDash is that it is the biggest food delivery platform with the highest demands; therefore, Dashers will get a high number of orders.


Grubhub is another popular app offering food delivery services to people across the country. You will get a reasonable rate for every order you deliver; however, there may not be enough orders available on the app.

However, they are way too fast in sending you a delivery request. At times, you may get to the restaurant to pick the order and find out that they just received the order request. This means you will end up waiting and wasting your precious time, especially if you have multiple delivery orders.

However, you will learn which orders to wait for and which ones are ready to pick with experience. Grubhub app comes with a scheduling feature giving preferential treatment to the delivery drivers.

The best part is that Grubhub will show you the total amount they will you for each delivery, including any tips. Moreover, you will also get to see the destination before you accept the order, so you can pick and choose the orders that are more convenient for you.

That said, you must remember that being a Grubhub 1099 worker may require you to use cars in most of their service areas.



The Hitch is a one-of-a-kind city-to-city carpooling app. If you often travel between cities, you can register as a freelancing driver on Hitch. You can list your route on this app and pick up people whenever you are available.

This way, you can make money on the side and even subsidize your traveling and fuel cost. However, Hitch is currently operating in Texas only. So if you are a resident, this may work out pretty fine for you.


This app is especially for driving kids. Parents can book rides for their children to pick them from school or a friend's place. However, the vetting process to become a designated driver for this app is quite intense because you will be driving children.

However, the result of going through all that hassle is increasingly fruitful. As a children’s personal driver on HopSkipDrive, you can be earning as much as $32 per hour.


Are you looking for a side gig in the delivery service sector? Well, Instacart is a typical delivery service app in this genre and works in collaboration with several grocery stores.

Instacart hires both Full-Service Shoppers and In-Store Shoppers. Depending on which one you decide to do, you'll either be shopping and getting the order ready for pick-up, or shopping and delivering orders.

As an Instacart 1099 worker, you will receive order notification and head to the designated grocery store. Here you will buy the stated items and deliver them to the customer’s location.

For this service, Instacart will pay you between $5 and $9 per order. You may even make some additional money by receiving tips from the clients.

That said, you have to be really sure about his kind of side gigs, because the money you earn for the service may not be worth it. What if the store you have to go to for shopping is too far? You will barely make anything because of the high fuel cost.

However, if you can pair two or multiple jobs on the same routine in one go, that may earn you some extra cash.

When Instacart sends you an order, they will tell you how much they are going to pay you. However, make sure that you get the full amount promised along with the tips customers pay you.


Lyft is a leading ridesharing app that is popular across the country. Lyft works on a similar rideshare model to Uber and offers to pick and drop services in almost every city within the United States. In case being an Uber 1099 driver is not that popular in your city or there are not enough assignments in your city, you should sign up with Lyft.

Apart from a vehicle for hire or rideshare driver, Lyft also offers services for bi-cycle sharing system, motor scooters sharing system, and food delivery services. If you are a driver or someone with a van, you can sign up as a Lyft 1099 rideshare driver to make extra on the side while carrying out your daily job tasks.


If you wonder which delivery app is amongst the top, then Postmates will definitely make that list. This app does not deal with delivering food orders alone. You can use Postmates to deliver orders such as grocery items, phone chargers, office supplies, and much more.

Think of this as a service offering a virtual personal assistant to its members. If they wish to pick a parcel or deliver important office documents somewhere, they can raise a job request on Postmates.

As a Postmates 1099 delivery driver, you will receive the order, pick the parcel and deliver it to the destination. Moreover, you get to enjoy the promising perks of being a part of Postmates' fleet of delivery forces.

You won the earning you make along with the tips and can cash out whenever you want. There are no minimum withdrawals or limits. The best part is that Postmates provide you all the supplies you will need to carry out a job. These include delivery bags and boxes to put the food and other items in.  

All you need is to set your schedule and complete a background check on what the order is and where you are going.


Roadie is an app that requires you to use a vehicle. It is a typical delivery service platform and is flexible in receiving all kinds of delivery jobs. You may receive delivery orders to drop off ranging from office supplies, products, grocery items, drugs prescription, and even pieces of furniture.

If you are a long-distance driver, you can even pick an order that suits your route. Roadie even caters to orders for long-distance moves. Therefore, if you have a truck or a U-Haul van, why not make the most of this highly payable side gig.

For example, you are living in California and planning to visit family in a different state. You can make it worthwhile and make money by accepting a long-distance delivery order from Roadie.  

The best part is that you can work for them from anywhere in the United States once you sign up to work freelance with Roadie. There are no restrictions for you to be a local driver like other delivery service apps.


Shipt is an exclusive app offering grocery delivery services. It is probably the busiest grocery delivery platform where all the orders come into a central pool. Shipt workers then decide and pick which delivery orders they would like to carry out.

You will also receive information about each order before accepting it. For example, you will get to find out how much Shipt will pay you for each delivery. The number of items in each order; however, you will see what these items are once you have accepted the order.

You will see the delivery location and the time by which you must deliver the order. To be precise, you must deliver each order within an hour of accepting it. However, you may always deliver it earlier than the allotted time.

Uber Eats

This one started slow and as a very basic app, but now it is one of the more known delivery apps. Uber Eats has improved its app and services over the last couple of years.

In the earlier versions, the delivery drivers could not see where they were going until they accepted the order. However, now you can see the destination before accepting the order. This way, you can pick the orders that are more feasible for you to deliver and save money on gas.

Now Uber Eats is getting increasingly busy. Therefore, if you are looking for a freelancing job to keep you busy, this is the app for you.

Although base pay by Uber Eats may be low, you can make decent cash with tips and bonuses. The best part is, you can use any vehicle to carry out the jobs. Uber Eats is very precise about delivering the order to the customer on time and in a professional manner.


The gig economy is becoming a huge and inevitable part of how we do things. Therefore, these apps can offer you plenty of opportunities to make extra cash or earn a living as a self-employed individual. All you need is a little bit of motivation and tech-savviness to get started.  

So what are you waiting for? Have your pick from one of the aforementioned apps and start earning some cash.

Paul Koullick

Paul Koullick


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Discover the tax write-offs you've been missing

Keeper Tax automatically finds tax deductions among your purchases. On average, people discover write-offs worth $1,249 in 90 seconds.

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Discover the tax write-offs you've been missing

Keeper Tax automatically finds tax deductions among your purchases. On average, people discover write-offs worth $1,249 in 90 seconds.

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Keeper Tax automatically finds tax deductions among your purchases. On average, people discover write-offs worth $1,249 in 90 seconds.

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