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Robby Nelson, CPA
September 21, 2022
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Do you keep business accounting records? How organized are they?

One common theme across the self-employed community is that everyone knows that they should be keeping some sort of records.

Another common theme is that probably 90% of all self-employed individuals don’t keep great records of all of their purchases/revenues. Let’s face it: you would rather dedicate more of your time to actually putting more greenbacks in your pocket than figuring out what you have spent making the greenbacks you have already earned.

It’s common sense. We always want to be chasing that next dollar rather than thinking about the one we already earned. Unfortunately, someone has to do that boring job. The good news is you can have someone else do it for you! In this article I am going to detail what the best app to track receipts for taxes is. Yep, the company I think is best to use to do all your boring accounting stuff so you have more time to devote to your business and/or slack off, because c'mon, you’ve earned it.


Judgment criteria for the best receipt tracker app

While I may not be as great a judge as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sandra Day O’Connor, or my personal favorite, Judy, I take my job as a tax receipt tracking app judge very seriously and do not want to lead you astray. I have taken into account the following things in my assessment of different receipt tracking/accounting software for freelancers:

  • Level of service/communication
  • Amount of value added
  • Price
  • Ease of use to track business expenses
  • Overall level of chill

Obviously, some factors are more important than others. The overall level of chill holding the gold medal in terms of importance. However, based on these five factors and much research I have come up with a suggestion of the app, I would recommend any freelancer who stands in need. My vote for best 1099 expense tracking app is Keeper Tax.

Why should small business owners use Keeper Tax?

If you have made it this far into the article you are desperate for help with record keeping. I can tell you this. You are Rachel McAdams and Keeper Tax is going to be your Ryan Gosling. Yes, after a few months with them and a tax season with them you will wonder how you ever made it without them in years past.

Per Keeper Tax’s website they are the “#1 expense tracking software for freelancers and other self-employed.” They also state the following: “we'll match you with a personal bookkeeper who'll monitor your purchases for tax write-offs that are easy to miss.” Sounds pretty good so far, let’s jump into some of the cold hard deets now.

They have a bunch of great resources like their estimated tax calculator or 1099 tax rate tool to save you a ton of headaches when you are handling your taxes.


Overview of Keeper Tax's features

So, Keeper Tax uses really cool technology (AI) that is probably smarter than you or I to assist their human bookkeepers to keep your stuff in order and organize your transactions without hassle.

Yes, when you go with Keeper Tax's receipt organizer, you will have the combination of the brain of an AI and a human for your expense management. You will literally have your own Terminator at Keeper Tax. Do you get a Terminator with other receipt apps? Didn’t think so.

Another interesting thing about your Keeper Tax personal Terminator. They will link directly to your bank/credit card accounts to get the transactions without you having to be the middle man. They will organize all of your transactions based on your spending patterns. If they have a question about one of your purchases they will be so nice to text you and ask if it was a business expense and what it was for.

There's a good reason why Keeper Tax is the best receipt scanning app out there. If you want to track mileage or go through your bank to scan receipts, the app could do it. What if you got an IRS audit and you had no receipts?

So literally the only thing you will have to do with Keeper Tax on an ongoing basis is be sure to text your machine back when they text you. That’s about as hands-off as you can get with tracking your business expenses. So you can rest easy and order up a couple of Pina Coladas while getting caught in the rain knowing that your accounting records will be in the very sure mechanoid/humanoid hands of your personal Terminator.

In addition to keeping your accounting up to date they can file your taxes for you at the end of the year based on all of your expenditures during the year. If you have your other necessary forms they will compile all of your side income and expenses for you and make tax filing a breeze. And for some reason if you don’t want to use them to file your taxes you can export your freelance income/expenses and give it to another tax provider FOR FREE. You can’t get much better than that!

Check out the receipt management accounting software for yourself. The app is available for aAdroid smartphones or Apple IOS iPhones.


Keeper Tax app cost

The words “personal Terminator” probably sound very expensive. Well I can guarantee you that isn’t the case. Your hard earned self employed money need not be squandered on other overpriced products. Keeper Tax offers their service at a reasonable monthly rate. This freelancer app cost is $24 per month.

Yes, for less than a Jackson and a Lincoln you have access to an incredible resource that will keep you incredibly organized all year long. For those of you thinking “$24 is a little more than I was hoping to spend” then I have news for you: a personal CPA could charge upwards of $50 PER HOUR.

You see, a $50 per hour will get you a (usually) balding, middle-aged dude who has never heard of a joke in his life. Would you rather overpay for that or pay a very reasonable fee for a personal bookkeeping Terminator?

This 1099 expense tracker is a mobile app that is a small business owner's dream. The app can automatically scan your credit card or bank statements for tax-write deductions and create expense reports. Yes, you don't need business cards to track your write-offs any more. Stop hoarding all of your paper receipts for tax deductions.

If you decide that you will just do the accounting yourself let’s assume it takes you three hours every month. Is your time really worth $8 an hour, or could you make a better return using that time elsewhere? Keeper Tax also usually saves their clients over $1,000 each year come tax time, so honestly those cool bookkeeping Terminators pay for themselves and then some. 


The cons

I wouldn’t be giving you a fair review if I didn’t go over the cons that I found along the way. However during my hours of research I found that the majority of Keeper Tax customer reviews are great! Google, Android, and IOS reviews have an average of 4.8 stars per review. On other rating websites I only saw a couple of common “issues”. have an average of 4.8 stars per review. On other rating websites I only saw a couple of common “issues”.

My personal favorite was that Keeper Tax sends too many text messages. Yes, people are complaining that Keeper Tax is trying to do too good of a job at getting you the max deductions that they can. The app just wants to make sure it is correctly tracking your personal expenses from your business ones.

The only other common thread I could find was that it was hard to get into contact with Keeper Tax’s customer service. I tested that out myself and emailed customer service and had a response within a day. I assure you that you will be in great hands with Keeper Tax. Listen, it beats Quickbooks, Expensify, Evernote, Turbotax or hand tracking your deductions by using a CSV excel template for 1099 expenses any other day.

If you are looking for the best receipt app, an easy way to track your credit card business expenses for your small business, look no further than Keeper Tax.

Hands down the best accounting software to track receipts

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of their independent contractor tax guide, ditch trying to do the accounting yourself and let Keeper Tax save you time, money, and stress on your tax prep. Keeper Tax will do a phenomenal job for any freelancer or small business owner trying to stay up to date with all of their record keeping or mileage tracking and relieve any headache or worry about the IRS come tax time. 

Robby Nelson, CPA

Robby Nelson, CPA


When not hanging out with his high profile friends like Gandhi or Batman, Robby enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He can sneeze with his eyes open, has won two lifetime achievement awards, and has visited every country; three of which haven't been discovered yet. He is also a Certified Public Accountant and assists clients with a wide variety of accounting and tax issues.

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